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About us

Automecanica Mediaș

Automecanica Mediaș

a Romanian company based in Medias, Romania is a well-known brand on the international automotive market of semitrailers, trailers, superstructures and containers market. Our company focuses on commercial and production activities, working in partnership or in association with top European brands in the automotive field. Together with its partners, AUTOMECANICA has successfully transferred the latest technology and technical knowledge to Eastern Europe, developing in the Industrial Park a strategic center for a wide range of special products.

Automecanica was founded in 1941 under the name ASAM: The State Service Station for Medias Aeronautics, gaining extensive experience in the field of production and offering maintenance services for aircraft assemblies.

Our products meet the highest quality standards, complying at the same time with the quality of the material and equipment mounted on each product.

Atelierele Speciale Autocamioane Medias (A.S.A.M), a company that is part of Automecanica group, is a manufacturer authorized for:

production and repair works of tanks for oil liquids transport, vehicle and aviation fuels (various capacities) transport, tanks for transporting chemical liquids, hot bitumen, liquid food, industrial water and drinking water,

production and repair of vacuum truck superstructures and vacuum semitrailers for oil waste, hazardous waste (various capacities)

production of racks for transporting technical gases, chemical substances, rack platforms,

authorized to perform ADR technical inspections (according to ADR rules) for cars and vehicles for hazardous products transport

authorized for mounting cranes on chassis


Automecanica Medias is authorized to manufacture semitrailers, trailers, ADR tanks and to mount cranes with folding arm.

All annual and regular ADR inspections can be performed by our specialized team.


Alexandru Stefanescu

Sales representative

Manuel Ungureanu

PM crane spare parts



Contract developed during 4 years.
Acquisition of trailers and semi-trailers


Acquisition of semi-trailers, cranes, trucks and nitrogen transport trucks

ROHR Spezialfahrzeuge

Fuel tanks production

Lindner & Fischer Fahrzeugbau

Aluminum tanks production

OMV Petrom

Equipment and modification of fuel tanks